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4/19/14 - Kendall Jenner at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival Weekend 2: Day 2.


Be still. Listen to the wind in the trees. The water, the birds and your heart.


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Aiko at Coachella 2014.


twin peaks at dusk, at the end of a lovely day.

with the boy and most of our friends out of town i went strolling through the city all day, completely on my own: to admire and absorb that exhilarating san francisco vibe, to get involved with the unique heartbeats of the different districts, to soak it all in and celebrate one of our last few days living in california.

what a sublime experience!
san francisco and me, so immediate and so personal.
standing on this very peak i brought all our guests to, all alone, with glowing cheeks -
that is one moment like an anchor in time:
i can now think back and recreate it completely.

while i am fond of having my love or my friends around to go explore, with whom i feel safe and home, sometimes a lone-wolf moment feels more raw and direct: i need private rendezvous with the city like these to bid farewell personally.
three weeks to go - hope i can make time for another steppenwolf experience!


Emma looks like a goddess in this white halter neck Ralph Lauren dress.


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Alysha Nett by Parker Woods